Frame Boutique By Katerina Kavazi

Frame is a fashion boutique designed by Katerina Kavazi from the K.Kavazi Interior Design Studio. Almost all part of the wall is decorated with custom made wall cover and a unique merchandise display. The merchandise display is arranged into a frame box and the frame box is built in the wall of the shop. Beside the unique display this shop is also using gold color, the shade of black and and the shade of white as it’s main palette. Frame shop design capture the fabulous world of fashion perfectly.

From The Designer :

Frame is a fashion boutique, designed by Katerina Kavazi, located in Nicosia, Cyprus. The original idea was custom made wallpapers with ladies images and words of the statement of the store we like the woman to be seen. All clothes and accessories will be part of initians with frames like 3d paintings. The floor is gloss black and the ceilings are covered with golden mosaics. The frames and details of furniture are with gold finish as well.”

Location : Nicosia, Cyprus

Designer : Katerina Kavazi

Pictures By : K.Kavazi Interior Design Studio

Designer Website :

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