Playing With A Loop : Loopty Loop Loopita

Today we would like to review a unique furniture called Loopty Loop Loopita. The name of this lounge sofa is cheerful and fun just like the actual product. Loopty Loop Loopita is designed by Victor Aleman as a concept furniture in 2007 and now he released the actual products.

The shape is twirling like a loop and made from a single piece of red oak. The shape has a great modular arrangements when you try to combine more than one unit of this lounge sofa and you could arrange the way you like it. The seating is so comfortable because of the high density foam.

If you like an interior design with a twist, this lounge sofa by Victor Aleman is a great choice for you. This furniture product definitely has a uniqueness and huge impact on every person who saw it because the sleek and slender modern look.


The Bold Vestfold Summer House

The Vestfold summer house at Norway is designed by Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Architects. This house has a bold and strong looks imitating the strength of the rocky landscape. Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Architects has created a building that becomes one with the surrounding area. The Vestfold house has a stone wall barrier as a perimeter base and the main building has a balance combination between the massive wall and the glass window opening.

Some parts of the building is designed to protect the house against the wind, that’s why they designed an elongated volume and using a glass fence as a barrier. The glass material is used to gain a maximum view to the beautiful waterscape and landscape. To add a strength to the building they clad kebony wood so the house has more shield against the salt water. The most exciting process is using stone for the walls by blasting at the site so there is less waste and budget. Vestfold summer house is an example of good environmental architecture.

Location : Vestfold, Norway

Architect Website :

Photography : Nils Petter Dale

Via : contemporist


Carrots Of Many Colors By Stephen Ausmus

Carrots of many colors photo is taken by Stephen Ausmus, this picture is featured as picture of the day on 12 July 2009 at the Wikimedia Commons. Agricultural Research Service (ARS) a United States Department of Agriculture research agency provided the colorful carrots. The carrots are selectively bred carrots that has certain pigments color.

The selection of the photo object reflected almost all colors of the rainbow and creating a beautiful composition of shape and colors. This unique photograph takes another leap in the food photography by collecting a group of special object rather than using a common and easy to find object. The arrangements and grouping of colors creates a circular constellation adding a memorable impact on the photograph.

Photograph By : Stephen Ausmus

Via : Wikimedia Commons


Blown Art Glass Chandelier By Robert Kaindl

Robert Kaindl has created a stunning blown art glass chandelier, his Signature Collection of Premium Custom Blown Art Glass has a unique impression. This unique piece of art is very compatible for almost every interior designs style, it matched with the modern contemporary style and it also a perfect match for classical design. This master piece of art create a fantasy looks and a dynamic feeling in an object itself. Robert Kaindl has created a very detailed art glass with an enchanting looks.

Robert Kaindl uses the Italian Murano glass blowing techniques to shape his unique glass sculptures. His Blown Art glass was inspired by nature, every piece of his creation is custom and hand blown. This blown art glass is more than just a chandelier, it’s a piece of art. The artist master piece arts decorated several famous places such as the Las Vegas World Market Center Showroom and Beverly Hills Hotel in L.A. In the next picture we can see the variation of his custom blown art glass, every piece has it’s own charisma that creates a unique ambiance.

Artist Website : Robert Kaindl

Via : Design Milk


Café Germain Interior By India Mahdavi

Café Germain is a very unique café designed by India Mahdavi, it has two storey floor with several rooms that has different function. The interior design has several different templates, color, pattern and texture. The ground floor has a function as a main salon of the venue, a restaurant and a bar. In this rooms we will find a check board patterns floor, a bar with polygonal pattern, a dining room with a mix matched furniture, a grey wall with a long window, a rectangular black and white ceiling, a spherical lighting and a lower part of the giant yellow sculpture by Xavier Veilhan.

In the upper floor the rooms is designed for private parties and gatherings. This rooms is filled with blue wall, retro printed carpets, several different lighting fixture, a retro printed furniture and the upper part of the massive sculpture.

One of the elements that becomes the vocal point of this café interior is the massive yellow sculpture created by Xavier Veilhan, This sculpture spreads across the two floors of the restaurant. The Iranian born and Paris based architect in charge of the interior design India Mahdavi successfully creates a decorative retro theme for Café Germain.

Designer : India Mahdavi

Photograph by : Derek Hudson

Sculpture by : Xavier Veilhan

Via : yatzer

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